Architectures of Transition
Emergent Practices in South Asia 

Curated by
Rahul Mehrotra
Devashree Shah
Pranav Thole

Produced in collaboration
with Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute and Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Exhibition Partners:  Amardeep Design and Prakriti Foundation

14 December 2023 –
16 December 2023

India International Centre
New Delhi

The travelling exhibition displays the works of emergent architectural practices in South Asia that have engaged in the making of architecture, landscape, and infrastructure in the public realm. It is designed in a manner to test the knowledge and insights put together through the preceding components (the lecture series and conference) of the project. This exhibition, along each stop and in each country, will involve local curators who will be tasked with adding to and building upon the intellectual provocations and framings. Thus, local curators will bring a diversity of curatorial approaches and therefore expand the lenses by which curatorial choices are made. Once, the exhibition has assimilated insights from across the region, we hope to revisit the resulting body of knowledge, which was created incrementally and collectively, so that we might once again incorporate the new information to respond to the meta-questions that the overall project hoped to raise. We recognize that the conceptualization and format of such an exhibition is critical, for it must serve the dual function of maintaining the integrity of the argument and subject at hand while inviting a plurality of feedback, responses, and contributions.

The first edition of this travelling exhibition showed at India International Centre, New Delhi India from December 14-16, 2023. 

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