Architectures of Transition
Emergent Practices in South Asia 

Edited by
Rahul Mehrotra
Devashree Shah
Pranav Thole
Published by
Altrim Publishers

Produced in collaboration
with Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institut and Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

The publication, ‘Architectures of Transition, Emerging Practices in South Asia’ curated & edited by Rahul Mehrotra, Devashree Shah, and Pranav Thole, emanates from the ‘Emergent Practices in South Asia’ lecture series conducted virtually between 2022-2023. This publication aims to capture the current pulse of the region by exploring the pluralism of modes of practice. It attempts to highlight modes of engagement as well as transgressions and synergies between disparate cultures, ways of representation, and knowledge accumulation and production.  The publication catalogs 41 emergent architectural practices in South Asia that display a rigorous engagement in the making of architecture, landscape, and infrastructure in the public realm. Included in the publication are also reflections from recognized practitioners in the region along with a framing essay to contextualize these emergent forms of practices. Infographics culled from a comprehensive survey that examined the models of practice for the represented firms are also featured in this publication. Offering valuable insights into current trends and emerging patterns of architectural practice in the region, these provide a clearer idea of the range of projects undertaken, organizational structures, and forms of patronage for each.


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