Kinetic City and Other Essays
1990 - 2020

Rahul Mehrotra
Published by
Architangle Germany

This book presents Rahul Mehrotra’s writings over the last thirty years, extracted from the archives at the Foundation. It illustrates Rahul's long-term engagement with and analysis of urbanism in India. This work has given rise to a new conceptualization of the city. Mehrotra calls it the Kinetic City, which is the counterpoint to the Static City, as familiar to most of us from conventional city maps. He argues that the city should instead be perceived, read, and mapped in terms of patterns of occupation and associative values attributed to space. The framework is established in this publication by Rahul Mehrotra’s anchor essay, which draws out its potential to “allow a better understanding of the blurred lines of contemporary urbanism and the changing roles of people and spaces in urban society.”

The publication is divided into three parts. The anchor essay, “Negotiating the Static and Kinetic Cities,” and other contributions make up the main section. A second book within the book is dedicated to an expansive complimentary photo essay by the photographer Rajesh Vora, illustrating the key themes transaction, instability, spectacle, and habitation. The last section presents an illustrated bibliography of Rahul Mehrotra’s wide range of research and writings.

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