The Mangalore Tile and Modern India  

Ela Singhal, Rajesh Vora and
Rahul Mehrotra

Mangalore Tiles propelled the new language of Indian modernity- one that embraced both the aesthetics of the new modernism from around the world, as well as vernacular traditions of the country. The versatility of these roofing tiles resulted in the success of the material through the entire twentieth century through the many transitions in style that architecture in India witnessed, all the way
to post-independence architecture where modernity and tradition were looking for common grounds to create a unique identity for the country.

The proposed book will explore the role of Mangalore tiles in Modern architecture in India and the history of the manufacturing
of these tiles in India from the late nineteenth century through the twentieth century along with its relevance and position in contemporary architecture. The research is an extension of the
existing Basel Mission Archives and the team at the Foundation has made an extensive documentation of the current tile factories in Mangalore.

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